Volunteering with ADC

ADC is always looking for service-led, dog-loving folks to help us run our program as smoothly as possible. Whether you are able to open up your home and heart long term to foster, or perhaps you just have a few hours or some special skills to share, we would be thrilled to partner with you! Here are just some of the ways you might consider volunteering with us:

Puppy Raising - Foster one of our service dogs in training for 1-3 years. The length of fostering depends on the dog, their development and maturity, how the training is going, and what they are ultimately doing to be trained to do. Potential fosters are either home all day or able to bring the puppy to their work, have a fenced yard, have no other pets or pets who are comfortable with puppies, are willing and able to train the puppy every day including a weekly training class, are receptive to feedback and are eager to abide by ADC's policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Occasional Puppy Sitter - Looking to spend some time with adorable puppies but not quite ready for a long term foster commitment? We are looking for occasional puppy sitters to provide care for our foster puppies when their families need a break! Typically, occasional puppy sitters enjoy the pet aspects of our dogs and are not expected to work the dog or take them out in public in their service jackets. Time commitment ranges from a day or two to as long as a few weeks and you need only commit when you are available. To be selected as a puppy sitter, you must love puppies and snuggles, have a home that is welcoming of new dogs, and be able to spend the majority of your time with the dog throughout their stay with you.

Puppy Pick-up Driver - Some of our breeders and partners live outside of the Ottawa and Kingston areas, so on occasion we would love some help picking up dogs or transporting them from one home to another (example, from a foster home to a puppy sitting home for the weekend). We ask that you have your own vehicle and a valid driver's licence in order to be considered for this role.

Dog Walker - This role is just what it sounds like! If one of our service dogs or dogs in training lives close to you and you are willing to learn the important "loose leash walking" techniques, we would love to have you! Sometimes our owners or fosters need a little extra help during busy or challenging seasons, and having another loving person take their canine companion for a walk would be so appreciated.

High School Student - Looking for your volunteer hours? Get in touch with us and let's discuss the ways in which we can help each other out!

Event Volunteer - If you have experience or an interest in helping with the occasional special event, then you've found the right role for you! Past events have included helping with fundraisers, merchandise tables at pet stores, and more! Got an idea for a new event? We're all ears!

Administration - Running a program as vast as ADC can come with a lot of administration such as financial book keeping, emails, teaching materials, and more. If this is your area of interest or expertise, check the box below!

Social Media - Are you a social media maven? Do you know the ins and outs of Meta, Instagram, or TikTok? Can you make reels in your sleep and schedule posts like a boss? Then we need you!

Groomer - While most of our dogs are labs and don't require extensive grooming, ADC also has oodles of poodles! Nail trims, baths and blow outs, and those adorable poodle faces and toes need a lot of work. We LOVE our Kingston area groomer but are always looking for more folks to help out! If you have training and experience in this area, please let us know!

Trainer Assistant - If training is of interest to you and you are eager to help with 1:1 sessions or classes, let's talk! Please note that ADC trains using exclusively positive reinforcement methods.

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