Service Dog Training Program

Ability Dogs Canada offers fully trained service dogs for individuals who struggle from medical challenges that restrict their independence. Adult or child, our service dogs are trained to meet your individual needs, including, but not limited to:

Autism Awareness Ribbon
Autism Support Dog
Purple Ribbon for Epilepsy Awareness
Seizure Alert/ Response
Metal Health Ribbon
Mental Health or PTSD
Different physical disability logos
Mobility Support Dog


Certified Service Dog Trainers

Training is done by certified trainers who have extensive knowledge in not only dog behaviour and dog training, but also hold a great deal of experience and knowledge with the disorders that so many people are challenged with.

Individuals who receive one of our ADC Service Dogs can enjoy our team training program that teaches the handler everything they need to know about using a service dog to mitigate their challenges. From how to hold the leash to how to ask for skills such as disassociation work for PTSD, our program is written specifically for each individual, since no two people are the same. Dogs are carefully matched according to their skills and work ethics. Matching our dogs properly is a priority for our trainers and we strive to get it right the first time.


Our Puppies

We obtain our puppies from our own breeding program or from a few chosen breeders who meet our high standards. Puppies are stimulated (sights, sounds, smells) from a very young age in order to get the best start possible and are raised by trained and approved foster families who have taken our Foster Training Program. All puppies are CKC registered and tested for the best temperaments for service work by our certified trainers.​