Board & Train Program

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We offer a unique Board & Train program that offers individuals or breeders the option of boarding their dog with us for training purposes. We offer both private and group obedience training, socialization training, and service dog training within this program.

Our Board & Train program is limited to 3 dogs only. We keep our numbers down so that we can keep our quality of care and training top-notch. Dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs in order to attend this program. Ability Dogs Canada does not take aggressive dogs for this program for the safety of the dogs and trainers.

Obedience Training includes:

Board & Train can be used on a month to month basis or long term.

Socialization Training

Socialization Training is different with each dog as some dogs fear things that others don’t. The goal of our Socialization Training is to comfortably, without force, teach your dog to be confident in situations that cause him/her stress and to expose your dog to these tricky situations/people/sounds without adding more stress to the dog.

Socialization Training includes:

Service Dog Training

Sometimes a person training their own service dog can get a little overwhelmed so we offer this unique service to give the original handler a break and to help the dog in training to move forward with either their basic training or their advanced training.

We offer special skill training which includes, but is not limited to,

In the service dog program, we provide the training jackets and all training gear needed while in our care.

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Rates are very reasonable and we service all from Coast to Coast.

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